This Top N tournament was run by Devon on August 13 2012. The top scorers all use active dodging and/or giant seeds and the champion uses both.


Rank Side Author Score
1RK BerthaWarren66.4%
2Active 9Warren41.3%
3Revenge Killer 5Warren34.1%
4ARG 1.1David25.0%
5Land Grab v4Mike Anderson13.0%
6Move Zig! 3ziggystar10.5%
7Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder10.3%
8Weird Men DMatt Burkholder10.2%
9Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder9.6%
11Walled City 2Warren7.2%
12Commune + 2Devon and Warren7.0%
13Unproductive 3Devon6.6%
15Productive Plus 5DvF and Devon5.5%
16Commune 10Devon5.2%
17Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu)5.2%
18Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder4.7%
19Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar4.6%
20Untouchable 4Warren4.3%
21Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder4.2%
22Single bot v1.1David3.7%
23Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder3.5%
24Not Quite Harmless 3Warren3.1%
26Artillery 5Devon1.8%
28Ring of Fire 4Devon1.6%
30nom nom 1.2elel0.3%
31Baronator 1.2Hector0.1%

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