Some Lunatics shooting at nothing in particular




Autotroph with passive dodging

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Lunatic was the very first side, hardcoded in C++ by Devon before user-defined sides worked, and it was recreated as the first Forth side. Though very simple, it can prove difficult to eliminate because of its passive dodging, and its indiscriminate blasting sometimes confuses (or even kills) enemies.

Its aimless shooting was originally intended to be a realistic option (because it's cool!), but because the main constraint on weapon use is firing cost, not sensing, it couldn't be made competitive.

Cycle is a serious derivative: it fires at enemies rather than aimlessly, and circles only when shot at, to save energy.


This is the recreated version.

#side lunatic
#author Devon
#date 6 Feb 2002

#color fff

#type lunatic
Runs in circles and strafes. Harmless, but the circular motion makes it
surprisingly hard to kill. Has been known to actually win rounds!
(Movement has become much more expensive since, so it will no longer be
so effective.)

Based on the very first hardcoded brain. :)

(20020409) Updated for engine-velocity!

#color ff0

processor 10
engine .1 ;HUGE engine
armor 200
repair-rate .1
solar-cells .4
constructor .25
energy 100 10
blaster 0.1 8 3


#var dir
#var increment

random-angle dir!
0.15 0.3 random 0 1 random-int -1 1 ifev * increment!
engine-max-power engine-power!

	dir increment + dir!
	1 dir polar-to-rect engine-velocity!
	energy 50 > if
		1 constructor-type!
		constructor-max-rate constructor-rate!
		max-repair-rate repair-rate!
		0 constructor-rate!
		0 repair-rate!
	energy 90 > if
		dir fire-blaster


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