This was a Top N tournament run by Devon on 7-8 December 2013. There were only two new sides (ISI and Faithless), but they're first and fifth place.

ISI shows that a side with good tactics can win solidly without exploiting either giants or long range. Its fighters are the first active dodgers by anyone but Warren, and they're much simpler than Warren's (over)fancy implementation. They tend to stay in a group, which helps concentrate force, although it causes significant friendly fire. It also gathers food with force fields, showing that's still competitive. I'm not sure why it's so much better than RK and Active.


Rank Side Author Score Nonsterile survival Early death Late death Early score Fraction Kills
2RK BerthaWarren45.5%47%34%29%21.9%96%32%
3Active 9Warren26.9%33%28%54%17.5%81%24%
4Revenge Killer 5Warren19.6%21%52%56%13.3%88%16%
6The LunacyA madman13.0%15%56%66%12.4%84%13%
7ARG 1.1David9.3%9%71%70%8.8%73%17%
8The HordeDavid and Midnight8.6%14%56%69%11.5%63%11%
9Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder6.5%9%59%77%7.5%61%8%
10Move Zig!ziggystar5.8%12%51%76%8.0%49%6%
11Land Grab v4Mike Anderson5.1%10%49%80%12.8%48%12%
12Weird Men DMatt Burkholder4.6%9%53%81%8.4%49%5%
13Unproductive 3Devon3.8%14%40%77%9.7%26%6%
15Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder3.1%6%68%80%7.6%42%5%
16Productive Plus 5DvF and Devon3.0%6%74%75%6.3%46%3%
17Commune + 2Devon/Warren2.9%6%67%82%7.3%44%5%
18Walled City 2Warren2.7%7%62%82%7.7%38%5%
19Borg (v1)2.5%4%81%79%6.0%44%5%
20Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu)2.3%8%62%79%6.6%29%3%
21Move Zig!(nc)ziggystar2.2%4%67%89%5.4%57%4%
22Commune 10Devon1.9%5%65%84%7.3%31%4%
23Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder1.7%4%63%90%6.2%40%3%
24Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder1.6%3%67%92%5.8%55%4%
25Untouchable 4Warren1.3%3%73%87%5.8%35%2%
26Wise Men (without Jose)Matt Burkholder1.2%5%43%91%8.2%25%6%
Overall (4000 rounds):13%57%69% 167%