A Force-Field is a hardware component which thrusts food and robots, but not projectiles, in a specified direction.

Language ReferenceEdit

Variable Type Comment


Integer Maximum amount of power (thrust) the force-field can project per frame


Integer Maximum range the centre of the bubble can be projected
force-field-radius Integer Radius the bubble will have, based (solely) on the currently set power (thrust) level


Integer Writeable. Distance from the robot to project the centre of the bubble


Integer Writeable. Direction to project the bubble, relative to the robot


Interger Writeable. Currently set power (thrust). Can be used to manually project a bubble using the variables or set to 0 to turn force-field off


Interger Writeable. Direction the force-field will apply power (thrust), relative to the bubble

Operator Reference Edit

Operator Stack Diagram Comments


position angle -- Turns the force-field on at full power at the given position and angle.

Notes Edit

A force-field can be activated by either using the operator set-force-field or by setting the variables. The angle is always absolutely relative to the newly created force-field (not the originating robot).

Using the operator triggers a force-field at a fixed, absolute position.

Using the variables triggers a force-field at a relative position to the robot, in a similar manner to firing grenades; the force-field-distance and force-field-direction are relative to the robot.

Force-fields do not vary blaster shots.

Radius of the bubble is hard coupled to the power of the force-field. Can't have a small, powerful bubble nor a large, weak bubble.